Cable labelling made easy

These days, the world is full of cables. Whether digital or electrical, all of these cables must be marked clearly so as to make them easy to identify. However, the cables come in different sizes, and are used in a variety of environments, so any marking or labelling must be tailored to take those factors into account.

Roan Safety Products has therefore introduced the versatile BMP21 PLUS Label Printer from international printing specialist company Brady. Allowing the production of labels for a variety of applications, the BMP21 PLUS offers an all-in-one solution for electrical labelling, wire marking and flags, laminated IDs, pre-termination heat-shrink labelling, datacomm labelling, network and data centre labelling, as well as general workplace labelling and labelling of storage bins, drawers and containers, tools, instruments and equipment.

This smart, portable printer allows for automatic formatting, so printing a label is as simple as dropping a label cartridge in, typing and printing. It also offers label materials designed specifically for harsh environments. “Don't worry about labels falling off or smudging. These label cartridges use materials built for extreme temperatures, irregular surfaces and tough chemicals,” says Frikkie Koegelenberg, CCO of Roan Safety Products.

“For example, the PermaSleeve Heat-shrink Wire and Cable Markers offer fade resistance and flame retardant to ensure the aesthetic appearance of the labels isn’t diminished, and the Wire and Cable Wraps use highly pliable nylon to ensure the label will conform to tightly curved surfaces. In addition, the Self-laminating Wire and Cable Wraps have a clear, wrap-around tail that over-laminates the white area that is printed on to protect text. This is perfect for data cables or wires that are frequently handled and moved.”

Brady’s R&D teams invested in ensuring that the printer is tough on the outside, but smart on the inside. In addition to normal text, the BMP21-PLUS boasts 104 symbols for electric, smart home, safety and datacomm applications, as well as automatic label formatting. The automatic formatting was designed to cover nine common applications, including wire markers and patch panels.

“The BMP21-PLUS is really easy to hold, with an easy grip handle, and it has a grabber feature which holds onto the label to prevent it from falling out, making it a lot easier to work with smaller labels. It also offers accessories that make it even easier to use. For example, it has a heavy duty magnet that allows you to attach it to various metal surfaces, making hands-free printing simple. The multi-functional accessory features a magnet, flashlight and retractable printer stand, so it’s easy to set up in any workspace. With this printer, you can make the right label for the job – with the right materials – with no fuss,” Koegelenberg concludes.