Self Extinguishing Cigarette Recepticle


Made of flame-retardant and sturdy polyethylene, this low maintenance smoker’s friend won’t rust, dent or crack. Innovative self-extinguishing design safely collects unsightly cigarette litter and reduces the risk of fire. Tie-down notches offer security and greater stability under severe weather conditions.

Units include a galvanized steel bucket that collects thousands of butts. For maximum cleaning convenience, use optional disposable bucket liners. Once bucket is full, simply twist-tie closed and throw away!


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Disposable Bucket Liner

BucketLinerDisposable Bucket Liner for Smoker’s Cease-Fire® and Elite™ Smoker’s Cease-Fire® Butt Receptacle, burn resistant, Pack of Ten with twist ties.

Optional Disposable Bucket Liner eliminates the need to “shake out” nasty butts. When this special burn-resistant liner is full, simply use the twist ties that are included and discard it!