inAni AP45 Air Purifier

Air purifier with highly effective AEON Blue® cleaning system – cleans indoor air more effectively than almost any other air purifier. The inAni AP45 combines HEPA and plasma air cleaning in one compact unit. Very effectively filters harmful substances out of the air: fine dust, pollen and other allergens, viruses and bacteria, mould spores, pet hair, cigarette smoke and even chemical fumes and odours. What’s more, it enriches the air with negatively charged ions. Purified and ionised air – a simple and natural principle with a refreshing result: a vitalising effect on mind and body, strengthening the immune system as well as protecting against cell damage and premature ageing processes, fatigue or diseases. And all this running at very low energy and quiet as a whisper – for optimum use for example in offices, bedrooms or medical practices – wherever you’re looking for ideal indoor air.



Clean Air Rating:
 - 298  - Smoke
 - 291  - Dust
 - 343- Pollen
Air flow:
 - 85 - 500 m/h

AP45 Brochure