OSHA has announced it will ease enforcement of GHS for some companies in the chemical supply chain.
Meeting the Labeling Challenges of the Global Chemical Industry


Chemical manufacturers, distributors and importers struggle to keep up with an industry that is transforming at a breakneck pace — and with a growing collection of rules and regulations for the labeling and tracking of materials. 

BarTender® is the secure and trusted labeling software that can adapt to meet any regulation or business demand.

BarTender lets you design, print and automate the production of chemical labels, giving you centralized control and security while connecting your business data with a wide variety of printers — whether you have one printer at a single plant or thousands of printers at facilities around the world.

With BarTender, one label template can support multiple printer families across your global network, and printer-based licensing allows adaptable levels of access throughout the enterprise.

BarTender’s security settings can lock down any part of a template, or customize settings to allow modifications by product, container, geography, business unit or operator.

BarTender includes an automated GHS label template with built-in business rules to help you achieve compliance. Use it as your starting point to build labels that automatically populate with product data sourced from your ERP system, third-party database or internal database — and tie the label data to its SDS, helping meet EHS&S requirements.

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When It's Time to Buy

Chose the Right Edition
Load the template designs you created into the Trial Edition and select Help, Edition Requirements from the main menu to see which edition supports your templates. Be sure to check the feature comparison chart to ensure you select the edition with the features you need.