Safety & Storage Cabinets


A fire’s wrath is swift and unforgiving – literally, seconds count. A fire can rage through any size building in no time. Storing flammable liquids in fire resistant safety cabinets is a simple way to reduce the risk of a damaging fire in your workplace. 


Cabinets for flamablesSafety Cabinets for Flammables

Market leading, code compliant steel cabinets for the safe and secure storage of flammable fuels, solvents, cleaners, chemicals.



DrumCabinets for flamablesDrum Cabinets for Flammables

Rugged, code compliant steel cabinets for storage of vertically or horizontally positioned 30- to 55-gallon (110- to 200-liter) drums of hazardous liquids.


SafetyCabinetsforCombustiblesSafety Cabinets for Combustibles

High performance, code compliant steel cabinets accommodate paint cans, aerosols, inks, and other combustibles.



SafetyCabinetsforHazardousMaterialsSafety Cabinets for Hazardous Materials

Durable steel cabinets designed to safely store hazardous materials through the use of application-specific labels.

SafetyCabinetsforCorrosivesinLabsSafety Cabinets for Corrosives in Labs

Cabinets made of steel, polyethylene, or wood for dependable, protected storage of harsh acids or bases.



SafetyCabinetsforPesticidesSafety Cabinets for Pesticides

Safe, secure storage of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, flammables and other turf chemicals.



AccessoriesforSafetyCabinetsAccessories for Safety Cabinets

Add function, convenience, and protection with accessories such as VaporTrap™ cabinet filters, additional shelves, SDS storage boxes and more.


CylinderLockersforLPGandCompressedGasStorageCylinder Lockers for LPG and Compressed Gas Storage

Non-rusting aluminum cylinder lockers for durable, secure storage of LPG and compressed gas cylinders stored horizontally or vertically.


EmergencyPreparednessCabinetsEmergency Preparedness Cabinets

High visibility, protected, secure storage to emergency supplies such as flashlights, radios, respirators, first aid items, walkie talkies, and more.


CustomSafetyCabinetsCustom Safety Cabinets

Create a custom safety cabinet, constructed with the same robust design as the standard models, to meet specific storage, size, and compliance requirements.

Replacement Parts for Safety and Storage Cabinets

Labels, accessories, touch up paint, keys and other replacement parts for cabinets.