Industrial Solutions


industrial specialityThe Velcro Companies offer and extensive selection of hook and loop fasteners designed and engineered for various temperature ranges, environmental, or regulatory-driven speciality applications.
In addition to an extensive product selection, customers benefit from the engineering and applications expertise offered by the worldwide leader in hook and loop fastener technology.


automotiveCompetition, regulation, and a dynamic global business environment put constant pressure on the transportation industry. Velcro Companies fasteners meet stringent government and quality standards and help manufacturers and suppliers deliver innovative designs, streamline production processes, and improve quality. Assembly is faster, more ergonomic, and more environmentally friendly—with less waste and fewer defects. As a trusted partner for more than 25 years, Velcro Companies' worldwide operations and expert logistics services ensure an uninterrupted supply of components to meet today’s high-pressure, just-in-time manufacturing requirements.


apparelWhen apparel and footwear brands look to optimize form and function, they turn to Velcro Companies for innovative fastening solutions that allow for cutting-edge design and improved end-item performance. The result is an enhanced end-user experience and a true competitive advantage. Whether you’re looking for a customized color or the best hook and loop combination for extreme weather conditions, Velcro Companies technology provides best-in-class performance backed by a worldwide manufacturing and logistics organization.


synthetic turf athletic fieldsVelcro Companies construction fastening systems provide a greener option for manufacturers, architects, and builders—and can help earn potential LEED green building rating points. Our fastening solutions reduce the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), eliminate adhesive off-gassing, and reduce job site waste. Velcro Companies construction fastening systems require fewer tools; are easy to replace and reposition; prevent damage to the underlying building envelope; and can be applied in a wider range of temperature and weather conditions for improved productivity and reduced labor costs.


Around the world, companies depend on our fastening solutions for a wide range of business operations—including bundling produce, organizing miles of network cables, building a trade show exhibit, and keeping our homes and workplaces clean. No matter what the application, Velcro Companies offers products that balance price, performance, and reliability.

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