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inAni™ insulation covers and thermal insulation covers are the leading brand of purpose designed reusable covers offering excellent insulation benefits for a wide variety of equipment including valves, flanges, calorifiers, strainers, separators, actuators, heat exchangers, elbow bends, etc.

Using a non-porous, all-PTFE material, Roan Safety’s inAni™ PTFE Thermal Insulation Covers and Jackets guarantee performance against harmful spray out and leakage regardless of the severity and duration of chemical exposure.

Many materials used for spray shields, like PTFE coated fiberglass, can be weakened by challenging industrial environments and often require monitoring.

With inAni™ PTFE Flange Covers, the body and drawstrings are all made of 100% PTFE.

These thermal covers are hugely popular and effective product has been independently tested and certified to the stringent Class 'O' Building Regulation British Standard, conforming to BS 476 part 6 (fire propagation) and part 7 (Class 1 rating awarded for surface spread of flame).

  • Superb savings on energy bills

  • Personnel protection from heat fatigue and possible skin burns

  • Extremely easy fitting and quick removal for maintenance

  • Covers are completely reusable

  • Class 'O' certification

  • Rapid pay-back/savings time

  • Made from heat-resistant materials to withstand temperatures of up to 250ºC/482ºF (higher resistant covers available)

  • Special covers available where acidic resistance required

  • Safe to touch

  • Drawstrings for effective end closure, where necessary

  • Water repellent

  • Protection against frost damage

This ensures that workers safety will not be jeopardized by degraded materials in a spray shield in the event of a spray out at a flange.

The versatility and cost-effectiveness of this type of spray shield allows it to be used in almost all industrial settings such as marine, offshore, pharmaceutical, chemical processing and more.

  • Unaffected by constant exposure to wet, chemical environments.

  • Unaffected by ultraviolet exposure

  • Zero porosity material

  • One-piece design

  • Curl over inhibits side spray-out

  • Reusable

  • Custom sizes are available