Honeywell BluTag 360


It is time to transform your cold chain logistics.

Honeywell BluTag 360TM comes with industry-leading capabilities and features to monitor the condition of temperature critical shipments across a wide range(-30°C to 60°C), and store 16,000 records. The device can be pre-configured at our factory if needed. The solution is designed, developed and manufactured in India under the "Make in India" initiative.


Key Features of Honeywell BluTag 360

  • Designed, Developed and Manufactured in India

  • Configurable with up to 3 alarms – high, Medium, Low

  • 1 year activated battery life

  • Device adaptable as per the customer needs – data configuration and retrieval possible via USB connector and software as well as wireless connectivity through a mobile app

  • Prequalified by WHO, and qualified for vaccine transportation

  • Smart LED Indicators to check battery status, detect device activation, and monitor temperature compliance and non-compliance (observed through a change in LED colour)

  • NIST traceable calibration validation certificate from Honeywell

  • Supports 21 CFR 11 compliance

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Food & Beverages


Digitised Shipment Records

With Honeywell BluTag 360TM software, one can add shipment specific information to the device such as batch number, product name or invoice details, which would be captured in the final shipment report for traceability. There is no need to maintain manual records anymore with BluTag 360TM. All devices come with a downloadable calibration validation certification, so you can rest assured that the temperature is accurate and authentic, with no compromise on data integrity or security...

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Stay compliant to regulatory requirements with BluTag 360

Whether you are shipping vaccines that require WHO pre-qualified devices, or whether you are shipping drugs that need to comply with US-FDA requirements, Honeywell BluTag 360TM is your go-to product for all your distribution needs. It comes with all the certifications such as CE, EN 12830, Safety, Airline approvals (DO 160G), WHO, and supports 21 CFR 11 requirements. Each and every device guarantees the accuracy of ±0.5°C, traceable to NIST standards, ensuring product quality is not compromised.

Designed for Reusability

Compliant with global standards (CE, RTCA/D0160G, WEEE) our product is made for reusability & repeatability. With a USB interface for connectivity it is easier for you to connect & analyse data that would help identify problems that could upgrade your shipment quality & reduce costs for your business.