i-gate Electronic Padlock

i-gate Electronic Padlock

A wireless, electronic IP68 padlock, built for trusted security in the harshest conditions. Your premises can benefit from modern security and real-time access control — outside and inside.

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The new SMARTair i-gate Padlock is a battery-powered locking device improved in every way. As well as resistance to physical attack, it has an external cover which is watertight and protects against any weather.

Installation is easy, with no drilling or wiring required. Use is equally straightforward: RFID and BLE-enabled, i-gate Padlock can be opened with standard RFID credentials or by a mobile key stored on a smartphone. Power is supplied by standard batteries with a long lifetime.

To upgrade an existing mechanical padlock, simply swap it for the SMARTair i-gate Padlock to control and monitor the opening from your existing SMARTair access system. You can move an i-gate Padlock wherever and whenever you need.

The SMARTair i-gate Electronic Padlock comes in a contemporary black finish with stainless steel shackle. It is suited for locking exterior, non-electrified gates; interior cupboards and cabinets; and anywhere else currently secured by a mechanical padlock.