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Justrite® Safety Group acquires Eagle® Manufacturing Company

Eagle is the leading supplier of these products, offering a large selection of the industrial safety and material handling products for contractors, manufacturers, utilities, military, professional, government, printing, chemical, fabricators, transportation, textile mills, automotive, agricultural, medical, oil & gas, electrical and other industrial and commercial customers.

Eagle products are “Compliance Solutions” that help industry meet strict Local, State and Federal Regulations concerning the handling and storage of hazardous materials.

Fireproof Products


Internationally the NFPA sets standards, but they do not test, and so they do not issue a certificate. 

FM Tests And Certify's...

What is FM testing:

In-depth, research-based product testing standards and rigorous testing ensure robust products.

We test and Approve property loss prevention products with one overarching goal in mind: to verify that they work each and every time they are used. Products with the FM APPROVED certification mark adhere to the highest standards in quality, technical integrity and performance.


To that end, our testing process is rigorous. It requires state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories. The FM Global Research Campus has the finest research and product testing laboratories in the world. Each of our laboratories focuses on a unique aspect of property loss prevention, and all of our facilities are designed with property loss prevention products and emerging industry trends in mind.


We put products to the absolute test—to verify they will perform whenever they are called upon to do so...

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