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Our reliable labels are designed to identify all data centre cables, components and racks for more efficient troubleshooting that can better support increasing requirements in Service Level Agreements with webshops, businesses and governments.

Efficient troubleshooting

Trying to determine which cable to unplug and replace or reconnect can be a daunting task in data centres. It is like finding a specific needle in a stack of needles: a challenge that is time-devouring and nerve-racking, especially when high-level applications are down and agreed service levels are threatened. Imagine someone would unplug the wrong cable, and more servers go down. To avoid all this, Brady offers reliable identification solutions that enable data centre technicians to quickly retrieve the cable they need.

Label it once

Our reliable labels with adhesives for curved and flat surfaces stay attached to every cable and component. As a result, identification will be in place when fast troubleshooting is required to avoid downtime. Label sizes and shapes are available to easily identify any rack, server, component, STP, UTP and COAX cables, and Brady also offers a flag-shaped label designed for minimum fibre optic cable contact with maximum available space for identification data.

Easy to design and print

Brady Workstation offers an array of label design capabilities that cover almost every data centre identification need. Cable, component and rack labels and even facility signs and identification can be designed in a few steps. Designs can easily be sent to a Brady label printer for on-site printing so the new label can be applied immediately.

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