The New M210 Portable Label Printer



The M210 Portable Label Printer is an all-in-one labeller for voice/datacom, electrical and general industrial teams. Offering drop-lock-and-go cartridges, plus a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, plus protective rubber bumpers, and a two-year warranty adds up to the brains and brawn needed to take on the day-to-day rigours of any job.

  • Engineered long-lasting material quality: prints durable true-sized 6 – 19 mm wide identification to maximise the amount of data

  • Adjust the length of the labels using the high-performance continuous material

  • Fulfil your requirements with up to 7 different industry specified materials that last

  • Extremely rugged and durable: drop tested printer, super rugged with moulded rubber bumpers provide optimal protection from falls

  • Ergonomic cutter and label grabber, holding the label after cutting, preventing it from falling out

  • Easy to use: ABC keypad, graphics library, hotkeys and menu functions for fast label creation. Multi-functional accessory with magnet, flashlight and retractable printer stand for easy handling

  • Smart Cell Technology for automatic label set up and automatic formatting for wire wraps, terminal blocks, patch panels, cable flags and general labels

  • 2-year Warranty