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Colour-coded SafeKey Padlocks for maintenance safety in the packing industry

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Shorter innovation cycles and increased competitive pressure is driving the need for more flexible machinery in the packaging industry. One machine should be able to produce multiple packaging variations with the ability to perform quick product changeovers while maintaining a high level of throughput efficiency. Continuously adapting machinery can impact operator safety and can make safe maintenance interventions more complex, especially when moving parts of a machine are altered. However, by temporarily isolating machinery from its energy supply, operators and maintenance professionals can intervene safely and efficiently, and service machines with minimum risk. In this way, severe accidents with a potentially high human toll and economic cost are avoidable.

Challenge A packaging company experiments with a couple of lockout padlocks to isolate machinery from its energy supply to enable safer maintenance. The company soon discovers the benefits of a more comprehensive and consistent Lockout/Tagout programme and now wants to indicate visually who locked out specific machinery


Brady proposes a complete Lockout/Tagout solution, including unique and

innovative SafeKey padlocks.

SafeKey padlocks are available in 9 colours with matching colour-coded keys.

Relevant employees receive a colour-coded set of at least 6 keyed alike locks

and keys. Red locks and keys can be reserved for mechanical maintenance,

blue for contractors, yellow for electrical and orange for operators, all in line with

the needs of the plant up to 9 colours.

Brady can make sure each SafeKey padlock and key are unique to increase

Lockout/Tagout safety. We chart all locks and key codes supplied overtime

for no additional charge so that a key cannot open more than one lock if so

intended. That said, master and grandmaster keys are available so that team

leaders can open any lock in their team, and a safety manager can open any

lock in the plant or company. Thanks to an innovative locking mechanism,

SafeKey offers 100 000+ key and lock combinations that allow large master

and grandmaster locksets.

We can also deliver a complete range of lockout devices to block every

identified energy source in the off-position. Devices can include the flexible

Universal Cable Lockout, Push Button Lockout, Universal Circuit Breaker

Lockout and many others, depending on the needs of the plant. Some of these

are also available in multiple colours. Brady also supplies accessories such as

lockboxes and lockout hasps and makes custom shadow boards to increase

solution available on the work floor.

Lockout devices can be supplied after a plant walkthrough with our experts

who help identify types of energy control points in the plant. These can include

and are not limited to circuit breakers, pushbuttons, levers, handles and valves.

Brady can also supply a wide range of reliable labels to keep energy control

points identified for years to come.

Brady’s Lockout/Tagout Engineers can also help write efficient, best-in-class

procedures. These can easily be approved, edited, scaled and communicated

on the work floor with our LINK360 Software.


Relevant employees can now safely service machinery by securing a lockout

the device on well-identified energy sources with their personal SafeKey padlock.

All teams use a specific SafeKey lock and key colour code so they can easily

retrieve their locks and coworkers quickly recognise which teams are safely

servicing machinery.

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