In-Stock Spill Decks From Roan Safety

Prevent liquid from reaching the floor by making sure your drums

are placed on spill pallets.

These pallets also help you comply with governmental secondary containment regulations.

Our SPC spill pallets are available in a variety of sizes and are forklift friendly for easy re-location of your 55-gallon drums throughout your facility.

  • Solid Construction: Injection moulding ensures exceptional durability and consistent specifications

  • Standard Lip and Grate Heights: Manufactured to standard heights to allow uninhibited movement

  • Nestable: Remove the grates and stack them for storage

  • Grate Pins: Pins keep the grates in place during use and prevent the walls from bulging

  • Interchangeable Grates with Large Openings: Removable grates can be used with spill decks or spill pallets (even between two and four drum pallets)

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