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Plant conversion with optimal workplace safety

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Executive summary

A large, global paper manufacturer achieved a high

workplace safety level before the start of operations

in a new recycled cardboard production facility. Brady

Corporation provided an action plan based on safety

expertise and its wide range of safety identification



A global paper manufacturer acquired and transformed

a large paper mill into a recycled cardboard production

facility for product packaging. New machinery was

installed and the internal layout of the plant was changed

to optimally fit its new purpose.

The complete conversion of the plant also created a need

for new safety and identification solutions:

■■ The new machinery was powered and supplied via new

cabling and pipes and these energy and material flows

needed to be identified

■■ New tools were needed to safely perform maintenance on

the installed machinery in compliance with the company’s

safety procedures

■■ The new layout of the plant required new safety

signalisation to properly inform, warn and guide



Pipe markers

Brady offered pipe markers pre-printed to specifications

to identify the contents of pipes throughout the facility.

Identified pipe contents inform coworkers, 3rd party

contractors and first responders about potentially

dangerous pipe contents and help to achieve adapted

behaviour around these pipes. Brady also presented

the BBP37 Multicolour & Cut Sign & Label Printer so the

customer could create his own pipe markers on-site in

order to respond quickly to future needs.


Together with the customer, Brady designed a Lockout/

Tagout plan for the entire plant to achieve a high level

of machine maintenance safety. With Lockout/Tagout,

machine energy can be neutralised during maintenance

to avoid accidents. Brady scoped and documented the

project and identified optimal lockout devices, padlock

types, padlock engraving and padlock key types before

implementing the project in the workplace.


Brady also suggested and implemented safety signs

at selected locations in the plant. Safety signs help to

inform or warn coworkers about risks, mandatory personal

protection and prohibited behaviour.


During the safety identification project, Brady also

provided zero halogen sleeves to identify a large number

of new electrical cables in the plant. Identified cables

provide better insight for maintenance planning and



With these solutions in place, the paper manufacturer

was able to achieve a high level of workplace safety for an

efficient start of operations in the newly converted plant.

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