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Roan Safety is the partner you can rely on for safety & identification products and services.

Hazardous equipment, mission-critical processes and equipment-intensive operations are just a few of the unique challenges and safety risks facing today’s processing industries.

Whether you are a part of a chemical processing facility, petroleum refinery, drilling rig or tank terminal, it is vitally important to maintain a safe, compliant and visually instructive work environment.

Roan Safety is a partner you can rely on for safety and identification products, services and support. We help you drive and sustain process safety and operational excellence initiatives, so you can competitively produce high-quality products in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

As a full solution provider, we have everything you need for visual equipment reliability, hazard communication (Right to Know and GHS), electrical safety, slip, trip and fall prevention, and other important safety issues.

Our products range from safety signs and labelling systems to pipe markers, spill control, lockout/tagout and more

Field operators in the physical plant often face a labyrinth of pipes and instruments relying solely on past training and experience to know where they need to be.

To easily navigate the ever-evolving physical plant, Brady offers durable signage solutions for a more efficient turnaround.

Numerous applications Durable Brady signage can be used in a number of ways to support field operators in chemical, oil or gas plants:

  • Gauge marking

  • Lubrication point identification

  • Replacement parts identification

  • Equipment, component identification

  • Fluid level marking

  • Valves, levers and switch position identification

  • Pipe marking

  • Lockout/Tagout

Printable Onsite Durable Brady signs can resist UV exposure, weathering, extreme temperatures and chemicals and can be printed on-site using a Brady printer and pre-defined templates.

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