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Take Control with Roan Safety's Access Management Software

Roan Access Control is a Cloud-based electronic visitor management solution that replaces traditional clipboard sign-in registers with an easy to use Android application on a mobile device. An online dashboard gives you full visibility of who enters and exits the property with true and accurate real-time information.


Why Choose RSP Access Management Software?

Unique System Functionality

  • Able to operate in offline mode with local PDF 417 decryption.

  • The integrator module is device/hardware independent.

  • On-device incident logging replaces an occurrence or event book.

On-Device Live Reporting

Back-End Setup & Features


Data Protection & Retention

Personal information is obtained in a fair and lawful manner. The visitor is informed about why personal information is captured. Personal information is kept secret by using all reasonable measures.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Masking ID Numbers

  • HTTPS for secure channel communication

  • Cloud data storage within a local secure data centre

  • Limited device storage

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