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SafeTrack blends a traditional observation-based approach with powerful insights and proactive conversations. It provides meaningful observations and effective feedback that reduces injuries and boosts personal safety awareness.


Better communication

SafeTrack bridges the gap between compliance, safe conditions, safe behaviors, ergonomics and worker health. It forges a strong line of communication between the front line, management and the safety department. Tie your entire safety program together to drive improvements and engage your workforce in regular safety communications to fight complacency.


Safer actions

Positive reinforcement and direct dialogue are two powerful ways to increase safe actions. SafeTrack provides a common language and communication skills to facilitate conversations that work. Get a stronger safety culture and more functional interventions, one discussion at a time.


Stronger SafeStart

SafeStart teaches people how to keep themselves safe. SafeTrack teaches people how to keep others from being hurt. The two programs work together seamlessly to establish a dynamic framework for safer workplaces. Get the most from each program by pairing them in your safety management system.

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SafeStart Personal Ergonomics addresses physical factors and human error to truly solve ergonomic problems. The program blends traditional lessons on body positioning with personal safety concepts that allow workers to identify exertion injuries and repetitive strains before they happen.


Essential ergonomic strategies

Our ergonomics training begins with a professional review of key ergonomic risks and strategies, including the fundamentals of:

  • body positioning and posture awareness

  • safe stretches and exercises for injury prevention

  • strengthening and recovery tactics

  • lifting techniques

  • associated cognitive functions

  • ergonomic-related habits

The course covers “neck to ankle,” with an emphasis on the lower back and shoulders where most strains and musculoskeletal injuries occur. A proven learning design brings employees to an “aha” moment and then gives them skills and practice to make safe ergonomic decisions in real time.


Lower TRI. Less missed time.

SafeStart Personal Ergonomics teaches employees the predictable patterns of ergonomic injuries, allowing workers to make safer choices, build better habits and avoid getting hurt. The end result is fewer strains, less overexertion, more consistent use of safe lifting technique and better bodily awareness.

The course also helps more people show up for work every day. Chronic muscle pain causes many employees to call in sick, even if they’re not medically diagnosed as unfit to work. SafeStart training cuts down on no-shows and undocumented ergonomic issues.

24/7 approach for round-the-clock safety

Strains and overexertion are often caused by ongoing body-positioning issues. SafeStart Personal Ergonomics gives employees transferable skills and personal awareness to maintain good posture at home—so that they’re healthy when they return to work.

Take the pressure off employees by giving them ergonomic skills that protect them everywhere. Support material is designed to be taken home and an effective 24/7 approach gives safety managers all the tools they need to reduce sprains, strains, overexertion and other ergonomic issues in the workforce.


Integrates with SafeStart

SafeStart Personal Ergonomics uses the same concepts and techniques as SafeStart, creating a consistent message—and reinforcing safety awareness, habits and skills in every single training session.

It also works with SafeTrack and Rate Your State to support supervisors in making effective workplace observations and interventions. And familiar SafeStart concepts and a common safety language increase buy-in and expedite implementation.

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Human factors affect everything people do. SafeStart Performance helps workers control their state of mind to avoid costly errors and improve on-the-job and personal performance.


Control the mind

Risk management isn’t just for safety. That’s why SafeStart Performance helps employees recognise when their actions and mindset are likely to result in performance delays and equipment damage—and gives them the skills to do something about it.


Control the moment

When employees have better situational awareness they make fewer mistakes. SafeStart Performance provides real-time strategies to avoid costly errors and reduce inefficiency. By applying human error reduction techniques, the course offers companies a proven way to increase focus and performance on a daily basis.


Control performance

Since every task, job and department is negatively affected by errors, SafeStart Performance error reduction techniques offer broad organizational benefits:

  • improvements in quality

  • improvements in productivity

  • fewer losses

  • less waste

  • fewer delays

  • improved customer satisfaction

  • employees being more self-aware and deliberate in their work

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The Rate Your State program is a hands-on application of SafeStart. It converts SafeStart knowledge into new safety skills and habits while sustaining the process over time by providing an easy and effective way to foster communication and skill-building opportunities.


Immediate insight

Rate Your State is a clear and fast way of gauging how likely someone is to make a mistake that could result in injury. It provides supervisors with a snapshot of their crew’s frame of mind and gives workers immediate insight into their current level of risk, highlighting what they should concentrate on to prevent an incident.


Convert knowledge into practice

Take SafeStart knowledge and skills to the next level with Rate Your State. Workers receive support as they apply SafeStart skills—and supervisors have a structured format for positive safety interactions. Practicing Rate Your State soon becomes automatic, creating a habitual way of assessing states and influencing safety decisions.


Fight complacency

Rate Your State is one of the best methods of sustaining SafeStart and fighting complacency. By encouraging workers to actively assess their current situation, Rate Your State keeps safety, risk and error on everyone’s mind and prevents routine from compromising safety.

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