We provide solutions that prevent violations, thefts and discussions with our innovative products.


Transposafe is a specialist in the field of seals. For all needs, we have the appropriate seals that we can deliver directly from the warehouse. We divide seals into two categories; indicator seals and barrier seals.

Indicator seals are intended to reveal tampering and / or infringement. Barrier seals are intended to prevent theft from, for example, sea containers and are intended to prevent the illegal transport of goods and persons.

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Barrier seals

The barrier seal protects, for example, a container (sea) against the unwanted opening. In connection with the C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) program and ISPS code (International Ship & Port facility Security code), sea containers must be sealed immediately after loading with the help of a High-Security Seal. Seals must meet the requirements of ISO 17712: 2010 certification. Transposafe barrier seals meet the most stringent requirements and are specially certified depending on the application.

There are two groups of barrier seals: stem seals and rope seals.

High-security bolt seals
High-security bolt seals are also called container seals. They form a barrier against theft from containers. The barrier seal protects against the unwanted opening of sea containers. Seals can be mounted quickly and easily. The removal of seals can only be carried out with heavy tools such as wire cutters or a grinder.

High security bolt seals are standard equipped with a unique registration number on the cotter pin and pin. This allows you and the recipient to check that the container has not been opened in between. Mandrel seals may also be provided with your own name and / or logo.

Wire seals
Transposafe has a wide range of wire seals. We have a good and above all safe solution for all needs. Rope seals have a unique number printed as standard. Of course, they can also be provided with your company name or logo. Transposafe wire seals meet the ISO 17712: 2010 standard due to the minimum thickness of 3.5 mm.


Indicator seals

Our indicator seals are intended to indicate whether the sealed object has been unintentionally opened during transport. Indicator seals are mainly made of polypropylene, nylon or metal and have a unique registration number. This allows the number register to be connected to the seal provided. Seals can be provided with their own imprint and / or bar code.

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Transposafe Sealbag deposit envelope

The Transposafe Sealbag® deposit envelope is made of polyethene. After closing with an integrated seal, the content is automatically sealed. It is not possible to open a Sealbag deposit envelope without making clearly visible marks on the Sealbag envelope itself. Each Sealbag deposit envelope is provided with a unique number, bar code and / or RFID tag. It can be recycled after use.

The Sealbag deposit envelope is the perfect combination:

  • High security

  • Solid packaging

  • Numbering Control

  • Logistics (simple inventory management)

Our Sealbag deposit envelopes are available in a variety of standard formats and finishes. It is possible to provide Sealbag deposit envelopes with your company name, logo or imprint.

Transposafe Sealbags - Opaque deposit envelopes.
Opaque Sealbags are used for shipments where the content cannot be seen for privacy and security reasons. This may be relevant data about the enterprise that cannot be disclosed to the public or money. The quantity and content contained in the Sealbag envelope remains unknown.

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Transposafe Sealbag
transparent deposit envelope. Sealbag transparent deposit envelopes are used to seal items where it is important that they are visible. This ensures that the contents of the Sealbag envelope remain visible throughout the entire transport process.


By using the Transposafe Sealbags deposit envelopes, you are guaranteed that every manipulation will be immediately visible. Please be guided by this sense of security and let us advise you when choosing the right Sealbag deposit envelope!

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Medical packaging materials

Prevention is better than cure. This principle has been applied in the medical sector for years, by using preventive examination. For general and/or specific anamnesis, blood (value) examinations are crucial. Ambulatory blood sampling at home or at blood sampling centres requires good quality transportation means that meet the strictest regulations.

Based on this need and in consultation with the users, Transposafe developed the ideal solutions when it comes to transporting biological materials. Hereby, we always strive for the following:

'inventing cost-effective solutions that are innovative and meet the highest standards and regulations'.

Our solutions for medical transportation and secure shipment are:

  • Absorption materials

  • Transposafe AirSealbag

  • KelvinBox

  • Leak-proof Sealbags

  • Medical security

  • Meditainer

  • TransMed

  • Postmed

  • Sampling requirements

  • Medicooltainer

  • Wireless temperature monitoring

  • Modular Injection Supplies Cart (M-Cart)


Security Labels

Transposafe security labels are self-adhesive fraud resistant labels. The labels are provided with unique characteristics, which means that any attempt to manipulate the sealed objects becomes visible immediately. For each application, a different security label may be suitable. For instance, we have security labels that leave a residue on the object, or contrary, that do not leave a residue. Security labels have a unique number and can be provided with a logo / print.

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Security tape

Transposafe Security tape is a security tape that is used to seal boxes. It is supplied on rolls, which can be processed with a tape dispenser. When closing boxes, it is not necessary to use packaging tape, Transposafe Security tape will close and seal in one action.

When the tape is removed, a warning text will become visible on the tape and the box. As a result, any unauthorized opening of the box will become visible immediately. In order to prevent unauthorized replacement of the tape, it is provided with a unique number, every 30 centimetres. Transposafe Security tape can be provided with a logo / print.



Holograms are self-adhesive security labels and can be used for sealing both cardboard and hard surfaces. Thanks to the hologram, you will add a unique additional characteristic to your item. In this way, the authenticity of the item is guaranteed. When removing the hologram, a warning text will become visible, which will prevent unauthorized opening or removal of the label.



In recent years, SecuReSeal has proven to be very successful and reliable. By now, a large number of our customers is using SecuReSeal daily. Particularly for trucks that have to be sealed regularly (e.g. in retail trade), the SecuReSeal is the perfect solution. The SecuReSeal is a very robust and fully mechanical reusable sealing system. SecuReSeal is maintenance-free and works without batteries. Each time when the SS cable is attached, a new unique number of 4 or 5 digits is generated mechanically in the screen of the SecuReSeal.


  • Tamper Evident;

  • Reduces administration costs and time compared to disposable seals;

  • Guaranteed reliability - up to 50,000 operations;

  • Easy to install - no maintenance or servicing required;

  • No batteries;